Reasons Why You Can Elope And Still Have Your Fairytale Wedding

Photo Credit: Benj Halsch 

Bride is Wearing Luca   Photo Credit: Benj Halsch

Some people dream of having a huge wedding, some people may feel guilted into one, and some people just throw their planning binders in the air and yell "lets elope!". We're here to give you the top four reasons why you too should be throwing your planning binders to the side and booking your plane tickets now!  

Bride is Wearing Luca   Photo Credit: Benj Halsch 

Less Pressure & Stress Free

Wedding planning can be stressful enough, not to mention the pressure of having to please a room full of people. Having potentially hundreds of eyes on you all night long can be extremely nervewracking and distract you from the purpose of the night. Instead, grabbing your fiance and booking a flight could be a great way to eliminate the nerves and pressure.

Bride is Wearing Alvina Valenta; Style #9508   Photo Credit: Jeremy Chou Photography

More Intimate

Yes, we love our friends and family. We would love for them to share this beautiful moment, but sometimes it can turn into more of a circus than a joining of two people in holy matrimony. When eloping, it is simply you and your fiance focusing solely on the purpose of why you are there: to proclaim your love for one another. 

Bride is Wearing Lazaro; Style #3059   Photo Credit: Le Secret d'Audrey 


An elopment is a fantastic way to fufill your ultimate travel wish. Eloping to your dream destination would not only be magical but could be the perfect compromise between having both a wedding and a honeymoon! It is evident looking at all these incredible photos that you can elope and still have your dream wedding.

Bride is Wearing Tara Keely; Style #2210   Photo Credit: Tamara Gruner Photography 

Less Costly

The average U.S. wedding costs roughly $27,000. So why not save those hard earned dollars while also traveling to a place you and your fiance have always wanted to go! Yes, there are still purchases to be made, but they are a whole lot simpler: dress, flights, hotels, photographer, food, etc. Plus, this way you can add in any little details you may not have been able to before, such as a bouquet full of peonies!

Bride is Wearing Remmington   Photo Credit: Emmanuel Pinte 

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