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Keri and Camden

Indianapolis, IN, United States

Their love story began in 1998 in their hometown of Parkersburg, West Virginia. They were both in 8th grade going to different Junior High Schools. At the time, Cam’s mom was good friends with one of Keri’s family relatives and decided to set them up. Before they had the chance to have their blind date, they randomly met one day at a track meet. Keri was talking to a mutual friend of theirs about the upcoming blind date when, unbeknownst to Keri, Cam was sitting right there! Nervously, they said hi and had a good laugh over their uncomfortable first introduction. After going on their official blind date, Cam and Keri instantly knew they had a strong connection to one another. Over the next two years, they became best friends which grew into young love, but over time they grew apart because of their busy lives at different high schools.

Fast forward to the summer of 2003 after their Freshman year of college, Cam was out delivering pizzas (yes, Cam was a delivery pizza driver!) when he randomly decided to call Keri to catch up. The two met up the next day and as they say, the rest is history! Cam and Keri made it through a five year long distance relationship before she finally moved in with him. They then moved five more times to four different states in 10 years! The two have been inseparable since that summer day in 2003. After finally settling down in their new home in Indianapolis and 15 years of being together, Cam put together a surprise proposal for Keri in December 2017 with a new puppy and a ring attached to his collar! The two wed on November 10, 2018 in Indianapolis surrounded by so much love from their family and friends. Keri and Cam found a love in each other so many years ago they can not live without!

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