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Vicki and CJ

New Glarus, WI, United States

CJ and I met in 2015 through our best friends. We moved to New Glarus, WI in the summer of 2018 and fell in love with the tiny tourist village in southern Wisconsin.
During the first weekend of the pandemic shutdown in March of 2020 CJ asked me to marry him. We did not start planning right away as we were waiting to see what the future looked like. When we finally started planning we decided to have a winter wedding, people thought we were crazy, but there were a few reasons we went this way. The first reason was, not a whole lot of people get married in the winter, especially in Wisconsin. It was less stressful to to plan without so much competition for a few weekends during "wedding season". The second reason, it was something to look forward to after the holidays during the long long winters (and it worked). The last reason, I thought the pictures would be beautiful and have always admired winter wedding photos.

There is a wonderful bridal store (Brandi's Bridal) in New Glarus, a beautiful large selection, for the size of the town. I tried on quite a few dresses before my mom and my best friend brought this Lazaro gown out to me. I wasn't sure to think of it on the hanger. I tried it on and like all the stories go, we all knew this was the one. The sparkles in this dress look like beautiful white snow and is still a party dress.

We found our photographer, Dana Dufek, out of Milwaukee, which is perfect for us, that is where we met and where CJ lived when we started dating. She captured our day so perfectly. So many wonderful pictures, it was hard to decide which to choose.

The dress looked absolutely gorgeous on a beautiful winter day. Our guests were in such awe of the dress.
I heard a lot of "you look like a snow queen". I'll take it!

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