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Emily and Grant

Detroit, MI, United States

10 years! The ten years prior to our engagement were full of laughs and love. Grant and I met when I was a freshman at Albion and working in the theatre scene shop. He was a senior. Despite working together several days a week it wasn't until the following year that we started seeing more of each other. Lucky for us Grant stayed an extra semester. After a show tear down one night, he invited me back to his room for a drink, and I never quite left. We maintained our relationship the remainder of my college years, and not too long after I graduated we moved in together. We are the proud pet parents of three cats, two corgis and occasionally a hedgehog. Grant says I can't have a zoo, but he also said I couldn't have a cat. In the ten years between us we have celebrated: 2 Bachelor's degrees, 1 Master's degree, 10 jobs, 4 promotions, and the lives of 3 people that are very special to us (His mom, my grandma, and his grandpa. Although this won't be the same without them, we know they love us, and would cheerfully be rearranging everything we have planned). He puts up with me always working on more theatre projects than I have time for, and I put up with with his golf obsession.

In love and laughter,


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