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Tessa and Jonny

Knoxville , TN, United States

I met Jonny when my best friend Morgan (maid of honor) invited me to go on a road trip with her boyfriend Jake (groomsmen) to a Titans football game in Nashville during my freshman year of college. Jake also invited his best friend, Jonny, on the trip and we all road together to the game. Jonny had me cracking up the whole ride and we had a blast. After the trip we started talking daily and I found myself driving from UT Chattanooga to UT Knoxville to spend time with Jonny on the weekends. After a few months, Jonny and I were hanging out at Carl Cowen Park in Farragut, TN. We sat down on a bench and he asked me to officially be his girlfriend. 11 years later we have been through a lot together including moving to NYC and starting our careers and so much more. On a random Saturday in October 2019, Jonny told me he had a surprise day planned for me. He started the day off by taking me to brunch and then when we got in the car he told me to put a blindfold on til we got to the next event! We finally parked but I had to keep the blindfold on until he said to take it off. He got me out of the car, walked me around and then finally sat me down and said I could take the blindfold off. I opened my eyes and we were sitting on the same park bench were he asked me to be his girlfriend 11 years ago. This time he asked me to be his wife. I replied, “Duh!”. Easiest decision ever.

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