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Krystyl and Keith


We wanted our wedding to represent us, which is why we chose to have it at our favorite place in the world, the lake where my husband's family owns a cottage, Brereton Lake.

Our story began many years ago, amidst the excitement of a high school house party, where I "borrowed" a pair of shoes from the doorway to go check what was happening outside. As the party neared its end, Keith was forced to sift through the pile of shoes formed at the doorway. To his dismay, his shoes were missing. He proceeded to "borrow" a pair of shoes from the pile (nicer than the ones he came in with) and leave the party. As he walked down the driveway he spotted his shoes -- on my feet; he walked up to me and politely requested I return his shoes. I did and we each went on our way.

Keith and I didn't see each other for the next few months until we both started to attend St. Paul's College at the University of Manitoba in 2011 during lunch hour. Gradually, lunch hour seemed to get longer and we began to spend a lot more time with one another, eating in the College and trying to out-flirt one another.

Soon it became clear that we were going to be spending a lot of time together. We began to forge a strong and passionate relationship, spending every free second with one another. We quickly met each other's families, Keith gained the brothers he never had and I gained the sisters I never had.

As our young love grew, so did our ambitions as we planned our futures together. Keith and I supported one another in our academic endeavours. Keith stayed up all night with me in studio and I endured his unconventional study habits and facts from 19th century English law.

The past couple of years were a roller coaster as we moved into an apartment in the spring of 2016, purchased our first house in February 2017, and later sold our first house and purchased our second home in January of 2018. We started our careers, and we now have a dog, Norie, who is the real love of my life (Keith is a close second). On top of all this, I am finishing my Masters Degree and spent the last year and a half planning out every detail of our dream wedding.

We wanted our wedding vibe to be simple, with a touch of woodsy boho charm, pairing details like hand-dyed silk, rose gold cutlery and the delicate lace detail on my dress with the beautiful natural lake surrounding. In the end, it all came together, truly representing us, and we could not be more happy with how the day turned out.

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