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Margaret and Michael

Laredo, TX, United States

It was an unusual series of circumstances that led Michael and I to meet at a Halloween gathering in 2013. We both felt an instant connection but, as fate would have it, it wasn't our time. Over a year later, the day after New Years, we went on our official first date. The next night we went out dancing to a 50's style group and the rest is history. After dating for two years, on our anniversary, Michael proposed to me at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens with our friend who is a photographer hiding in the bushes. We were so excited to let our families know but little did I know that my parents already knew as Michael had driven from San Antonio to Laredo to ask for their blessing. We then took two years to plan our wedding slowly and waited for the perfect day to say our nuptials. We planned to have our wedding mass in the church that my family helped found and in which I grew up. We would be married by a priest that began at the church when I was an altar server and who had presided over many family masses throughout the years. Then, we would have our reception at a reception hall owned by my father's best friend named The Barn at Los Patios. As the day got closer we began to plan the rehearsal dinner and coordinate with our bridal parties. Michael went suit shopping with my father and was able to find not only his suit for the wedding but the boots he would be wearing as well. With all the final details coming to a close, Michael and I were getting excited and beginning to enjoy the final moments of preparation. As the day arrived we spent the previous night apart; myself at my childhood home and Michael with his best friends since childhood. The day arrived and with it all the jitters you could imagine. While my day began early Michael and his groomsmen slept off the activities of the night before. As my bridesmaids and I got ready with my friends from Creeping Beauty Inc. we ate pizza, drank water and wine, and shared laughs between us. Time grew closer and I was happy to have spent my time getting ready with those who have shared my good and bad times throughout the years. Michael and his groomsmen began to get ready at the hotel and figure out pocket squares together before heading to the church. As Michael piled into the truck with his friends I set out for my ride in a 50's Rolls Royce to the church. Once I arrived I went into the choir room to wait my turn to walk down the aisle. I froze right where I stood but as my father always does he pulled me out of it and escorted me down the isle. At the end of the isle was the man of my dreams, my best friend, my anchor. We both couldn't help but smile from ear to ear and it was as if everyone else melted away. When we looked at one another it was as if it was just us and no one else sharing in this moment. We were pronounced man and wife and shared our first kiss as a married couple in front of all our loved ones. We then went to take our wedding portraits at 201 Gallery to spend time together enjoying each other before a crazy night with friends and family. Once we arrived at The Barn we got ready to welcome our guests and share our first dances. I got a chance to share some time with my mother alone in the bridal sweet to talk and enjoy the days events with her. After the wedding party was announced Michael and I shared our first dance to a song by Dolly Parton called To the Moon and Back. I sang the entire song to him as we danced close and, again, the room melted away. Next I shared a dance with my father and Michael with his grandmother. The night began as food was served and toasts were said then we danced with friend and family. As the night wound down we exited through our guests holding sparklers. The whole day Michael had been keeping a secret from me regarding where we would be resting for the night. After a short drive I was surprised and excited to see that we would be staying at a hotel I had dreamed about staying in since my childhood. Michael and my mother had made arrangements for us to stay the night at La Posada receiving a romance package. We woke up to chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, and breakfast in bed. To this day it has been the greatest day we have been able to share with one another.

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