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Dana and Mike


Mike and I have been together for four years now, and two years when Mike proposed. I knew from the minute I met Mike that he would be the person I would spend the rest of my life with. Not only was he funny and handsome but he has the best heart of anyone I've ever known and he continues to inspire me to be better. We were living in an apartment in Stamford, CT at the time and Mike was really starting to flourish as a real estate agent in Greenwich, CT so it was no surprise to me when he wanted to purchase a home in town. I was hesitant because we weren't married or even engaged. There was a part of me that was hoping an engagement would come before the house but I didn't want to hold Mike back as I knew how much he wanted this sweet little house. Needless to say Mike purchased the home, which needed A LOT of work, we had to completely renovate the entire thing. The lease on our apartment was up July 1st which meant we would be living with his parents until the house was ready. On May 26, 2017 we went to the house one Friday night to check on the progress and there was a package on the front step. Mike told me the contractor must have dropped off the mailbox he told him he would get for the house and to open it. Inside was a mailbox that read "The Parellis" and on the inside door of the mailbox "will you marry me" was written and I turned speechless to find Mike down on one knee. It was the best day of my life until a year later on May 25th 2018 when we were married in front of all our friends and family. Our wedding was at The Grandview in Poughkeepsie, NY, a venue that I had loved for many years because of the elegant tent and the breathtaking view of the Hudson river. I had followed Hayley Paige for years on Instagram and knew I would wear one of her dresses on my wedding day, along with all my bridesmaids. We even brought the infamous mailbox along to hold all our cards. Our wedding will forever be my favorite memory.

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