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Carley and Nick

Somis, CA, United States

We got married in a beautiful garden right outside of Los Angeles. We had an enchanted fairy tale garden theme with light blues and lavenders, and because I went with a pink dress instead of white or ivory we incorporated pops of light pink. One of our close friends married us beneath arches of vines and tree branches covered in twinkle lights. Nick proposed to me at a planetarium and we took our engagement photos under the stars out at Joshua Tree, so I wanted to include some kind of star theme in our wedding. I made my veil and used crystals to make constellations all over it. I put both of our zodiac signs on the blusher part of the veil, I can't even tell you how many compliments I got on the veil. People couldn't believe I had done that all by myself and Nick really loved that I had made that with some much detail. During the ceremony we did a hand-fasting ceremony with cords I had made from ribbons that I had added pearls and natural crystals to. We recited our vows with our hands tied together, a lot of our guests had never seen a hand-fasting ceremony before and they really appreciated how personal and unique our ceremony was. After the ceremony we took loads of pictures while our guests enjoyed the cocktail hour in another part of the garden. Before we were announced into the reception, I had to bustle my dress, as much as I loved the train on my dress I LOVED how it looked when it was bustled! The skirt was so light and the fabric was so soft with the little extra poof in the back from the bustle it looked even more like a fairy tale dress. At our reception we had a band playing music and giant jenga and some other lawn games. We had a cake for the traditional cake cutting but we just got a small one because we had a s'mores bar! With different flavors of marshmallows and chocolates and graham crackers! Our guests loved the s'mores! It was the best day of our lives, a few of our guests said it was the best wedding they had ever been to. For our big exit, Nick had arranged for a 1937 Packard to come pick us up which was the cherry on top of our perfect day! The guests were so surprised when they saw it, we had the driver arrive early so people could take pictures with it. The whole day went by so fast, and everything went as smoothly as it could. We had so much fun planning it together, and I was so excited for Nick to finally get to see my dress. He said it was so much better than he imagined and that the dress looked like it was made for me. I wish I had more places to wear it to!

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