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Andi and Sebastien

Downtown Los Angeles, CA, United States

Seb and I have a real life Tinder love story! We met online in 2015. Seb is French and soooo intense and romantic. I fell in love with his tenderness and honesty, but the accent is a major plus! We moved in together in 2017 and adopted out perfect pup, Leon. In October of 2017 Seb COMPLETELY surprised me and proposed in Santa Barbara. We decided to plan our wedding quickly because both of us are impatient and booked The Unique Space in Downtown LA for June 16th, 2018. In about five months the whole party for 150 people was planned! My style was still so all over the place with so many bright colors and I was impressed and grateful that Seb loved it all, even the neon pink invitations! I was worried it wouldn't all come together, but with the help of my wedding planner, everything turned out better than I could have dreamed.

Even though my gorgeous sparkly Lazaro gown is very classic with a long train, we did ditch a lot of the other traditional wedding concepts like bridesmaids, wedding showers, a formal ceremony and assigned seating. We walked down the aisle together to Beyonce's Love on Top, with our little pup Leon and while my dad didn't give me away, he did get ordained to marry Sebastien and I, which was so adorable. Our ceremony was short and simple where we just read love letters to each other. I'm not a very emotional person, but both Seb and I were in tears and I could hear everyone around us sniffling. It was sweet and meaningful. The night was magical and it was really special to have some of Seb's friends and family come all the way from France to celebrate with us. Overall our wedding was one giant colorful confetti PARTY. We had an open bar all night, tons of food and an incredible live band. It was everything I always love about weddings and none of the boring stuff that I dread!

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